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It’s not easy to change your spending habits.

Monitoring different accounts, income streams, credit cards, bank statements, student debt, and so much more can be a hassle, and it can get out of control quickly.

It’s frustrating not to know exactly what you’re making or what you’re spending, whether you’re gaining money in the long-term or losing it. As a result, you’re unsure if you can afford that big vacation, or a new car, or if you can grow your family. Plus debt still weighs on your finances, and you have no idea how you’ll be able to pay it off.

Every purchase brings more stress, and it impacts your relationship and your family. Whenever you think about figuring out your finances, the worry about what you mind find stops you from even starting

You can’t imagine an easier way to track all of the different ways you’re making and spending money, change the way it’s always been, or clear the cobwebs off your financial picture — so you can feel confident about the way you live and spend. 

You know exactly where you stand financially, secure in the knowledge that you’re on the right track with your money.

But it is possible to get on top of your finances. I swear.

You and your significant other have regular money talks without fighting, where you discuss potential spending, review your spending habits, go over your investments, and make sure you’re on the same page.

Once you get organized, it’s amazing how much easier it becomes to stay that way. Suddenly, confusion becomes clarity, and stress becomes relief. 

When you decide you want a new car, you’re able to go right to your budget and know exactly what you can afford, even up to a year or two in the future.

You have a set plan to pay off your debt and start putting money in the bank, so you feel good about your future.

Achieving financial peace of mind takes work and determination, but it can be easier with the right help. Getting assistance with taking the first steps makes it easier to keep on going, like getting the first push on a bike. 

Once you get to that place where thinking about your budget no longer brings worry, your whole life becomes easier. You can see a path towards your future, your dreams, and maybe even retirement. (Yes, I’m for real.) 

My name is Jennifer Pham, and I created the Save to Splurge Budgeting Kit to serve your life.

My career as a CPA, accounting and auditing for Fortune 500 companies, is only part of the reason I’m highly qualified to help you out. Since my high school days, I’ve been refining my budget spreadsheet system and my understanding of saving and spending habits. They’ve helped me pay off not just my $30k in student loans, but my husband’s six-figure student loans, all while starting a family and moving across the country!

I want to help women understand that numbers aren’t scary. It's empowering when you understand how numbers work and where your money is going. Save to Splurge helps you understand your finances so you can take back control of your bank account and life.

I had my first session with Jennifer, and it alone was so helpful! We have been just barely keeping our head above water lately and have major life changes coming up. She helped me see how I can make it all work without judging me. She didn’t simply say ‘eat out less and clip coupons.’ She has an excellent way of breaking things down and making them understandable.

You don’t need an expensive personal accountant or advanced software to get your finances in order. 

My budget system has been developed over decades of personal and professional experience and trial and error. I believe it is the best spreadsheet to use to organize your finances because it reflects real life. 

Other budgets exist in some strange alternate universe where money resets every month, all paychecks arrive on the first, and all expenses happen on the last day. But life doesn’t work like that. Income can come in irregularly, we spend money every day, and unexpected surprises can pop up any time. Your bank account doesn’t reset every month; how you spend now affects what you have to spend in the future.

you just need the save to splurge budgeting kit

My Budgeting Kit is flexible, moving with the ebb and flow of expenses and income in your home. It tracks your spending and saving habits over time and by spending type, allowing you to see exactly what you’re using your money on and where you can better save –– or splurge! It all starts here. 

My budget system is more than just a spreadsheet - it’s a way of life.

Developed, refined, and tested over the course of two decades, my budgeting kit includes a spreadsheet with built-in formulas, charts, and graphs that turn the numbers you plug in into an easy-to-understand financial picture to help you plan your future.

You’ll get introductory videos, which explain exactly how to use the spreadsheet, as well as an instructional PDF for reference whenever you need help.

When I release more videos over time, you’ll get immediate access! You’ll learn further tips and tricks that can change the financial picture for your life.

Never be afraid of your numbers again.

Best of all, this system is easy to implement and use. With just a new habit of just a few minutes a week, your financial life will be completely different.

I'm not here to tell you that you shouldn't get that luxury vacation you’ve been eyeing. I genuinely hope you have the trip of your dreams! When you use my method, your budget will give you the peace of mind, knowing that you can afford every dime and truly relax. 

That’s because my budget isn’t just a spreadsheet where you plug in your numbers and it gives you an end result. It’s so much more than that. 



It includes multiple pages for your fixed expenses, projected income, debts, credits, and more. You can set targets for how much you want to save, how much you want to spend on different categories, and see visual charts of your anticipated spending and savings compared with what actually pans out. 

The Everyday Budget page breaks down your budget by bank account, and you can designate certain payments as auto-pay or on-demand, allowing you to track each bank account that you set up for different needs.

The Debt Tracker page allows you to track how you’re paying off debt — like student loans, credit card debt, or a mortgage — and it automatically adjusts based on payments and interest rates.

The Bill Tracker page makes sure you never miss paying a single bill, so you’re never caught off guard or overdraft your account.

Every page is integrated, so when you update one, it impacts them all. Plus, each is printer-ready, so you can stick them on your fridge or review them on the couch with your significant other.

Once you integrate this budget, it’ll be second nature.

With every purchase you make, you’ll know exactly how it fits into your budget and how it affects your future spending

You’ll have the confidence to go out and live the way you want, without being afraid of financial stress. Ultimately, you can live a happier life, be confident in yourself and your relationships, and take the guesswork out of your budget.

Soon, you’ll be looking at your budget a whole new way.

Take back control and step into


Soon, you’ll be saving to splurge on yourself!