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Debt can pile up quickly, and it’s not easy to pay off.

Most college graduates are facing tens of thousands of debt, with interest rates that could have them making monthly payments for years. If that sounds like you, you’re not alone.

On top of that, maybe you have credit card debt from having to forge your way in the real world, paying for an apartment, food, and healthcare. Or a mortgage or car loan.

What’s worse, debt is complicated. There are interest rates, payment schedules, penalties and fines, and other factors to deal with when it comes to paying down debt. 

It seems like there are dozens of ways to accrue debt, but getting rid of it can feel impossible.

You can’t stop thinking about how to get out of the hole.

You know life would be better without the cloud of debt hovering over every purchase you make. It’s there, causing you to worry about every purchase, from dining out to a vacation or a new phone. Even things you need to buy cause you anxiety. You wonder if you might have to put off another debt payment to manage that car repair. Will you ever get out of the cycle? 

I’m no stranger to mountains of debt: I’ve already paid off five figures in debt from my master’s degree, and then helped my husband pay off over $100,000 in debt from his education. In paying off that debt, I realized how much debt can hold back women and young families, especially if they want to buy a house, have children, pursue their dream career, or splurge on something they love.

I know how defeating debt can feel. I’ve been there.

The Debt Snowball Calculator helps you figure out the best and quickest way to pay it all off. I used this comprehensive tool with my family, so we could get rid of our debt, once and for all -- and now my clients do the same.

The Debt Snowball Calculator works with any kind of debt, from student loans to mortgages, and from credit card debt to car loans. It also determines which debt you should pay off first, and even lets you know the exact date when you should expect to be debt-free.

That’s why I know my Debt Snowball Calculator can help.

Here's how it works

The Debt Snowball Calculator is a Debt-Crunching Machine!


Enter all your different debts — their current balances, interest rates, minimums, and scheduled payment amounts — into their spot on the spreadsheet


Watch the Debt Snowball Calculator work its magic. It will tell you which debt you need to pay off first, when you can pay off each debt by, and when you’ll finally be free of debt!


Got some birthday money or a bonus from work? You can enter larger or additional payments that you make along the way, and the calculator will automatically adjust.

We’re talking way more than just a simple spreadsheet. I’ve programmed the Debt Snowball Calculator with a number of complex formulas that help you melt down your debt in a logical way. It’s even programmed to adjust to your life along the way. 

Get Rid of Your Debt and Take Back


The Debt Snowball Calculator makes it easy as pie.