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Talking to Your Spouse About Money – 4 Money Languages


  1. I am a big fan of Gary Chapman’s Love Languages and so I love your idea of incorporating it into Money Languages! We fall under the Teamwork language. But I think it is just because we are both number nerds, can’t wait for our debt to be G-O-N-E and we like to maximize our money.

    We have different strengths which helps. My husband is the saver, somehow he can just squirrel away large amounts of cash. I am the debt eliminator and bargain deal hunter.We have monthly budget meetings and informally talk about our goals at least weekly. In fact, my husband will be gone because of work for our February budget meeting, but we plan on skyping our budget meeting. We know, we are BIG nerds! LOL

    • That’s great, Nichole!! Our “meetings” are more of me updating him on how we did that month and him nodding along like “so I CAN buy that jacket?”. How convenient that you are both number people!

  2. Anna says:

    what about a husband who not only wont talk about finances but who works for 350 a week and doesn’t see the problem with me living off savings (I had an inheritance before I met him) and who refuses to realize the savings will be gone if he doesn’t do something to get s job or open a biz that will pay all household expenses. We have 3 kids and he just is not living in the real world. The bills are 2500 a month and he constantly has me giving HIm handouts and he won’t participate in financial discussions and rarely gives anything towards the bills. Ex. The rent is 850. Most months he will pay 350 to 500 toward it. Problem is I’m a stay at home mom and yes I have savings but that’s savings not to live off of. I stay home w my kids and I also drive people to errands and to work for extra cash per week which averages to about 100 to 160 a week. Help!

    • Thank you for sharing your experience, Anna. I’m sorry to hear that you are going through stressful times. Is your husband not getting a different job because he likes his current one? Can he pick up more shifts? It seems to me that the main issue is with the individual, as opposed to a financial one.

  3. Reelika says:

    This is very important subject, glad you talked about it! It really depends on personalities and money mindset. I am quite lucky I think that we are a team and we are on the same page. Some days he is more a saver and I am the spender, the other days it could be completely opposite. But gladly we have the same financial goals 🙂

  4. MrsMomof7 says:

    OK, so… take us farther. You have a great idea here. Now show me how to discuss money with my CFO hubby, when I’m a Need to Know gal, who is confused about our financial status. How do I broach the topic, especially if I am dissatisfied with how I see the spending/budgeting going…?How can a NTK ask questions and expess dissatisfaction with a CFO, without getting spreadsheets thrown in her face…and without offending the CFO?

    • Shantel Jones says:

      Yes i would love more info on how to communicate with other types and how to deal with my own money language!

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    Talking to Your Spouse About Money – 4 Money Languages – Save to Splurge

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